Welcome to the website of Steve Day, photographer and writer, who died at Salisbury Hospice on the 23rd April 2003, after an 18 month struggle with cancer. It is also the website of Steve’s Wiltshire Slide Library, which is still very much alive and is being run by his widow, Sue Walker.

It is very sad that his untimely death at the age of 54 curtailed the artistic and philanthropic activities of a man who had still more to give. He enriched the lives of many and is still missed, not only by his family, but by many friends, colleagues and fans of his creative talents. We hope that you enjoy the website and get a feel for those incredible talents.

Sue, Bella, Becky and Sam.

Picture of the month:
Dolomites Landscape.

Steve adored the Dolomites in north eastern Italy with a passion and he and Sue had been skiing there repeatedly. Click here for the full text on this shot.